GJG Group specialises in TILT PANEL CONSTRUCTION that is durable, utilises land effectively, is fire resistant, easy to maintain, secure, and provides excellent insulation of sound and temperature



GJG Group traded for over sixteen years as GJ Gibson Constructions (now GJG Group). We are a family company, Australian owned and operated and have completed many projects in the South East Queensland region, including Shopping Centers and Industrial and Commercial projects.

We strive for a quality product, safety, consistency, quality control and communication at every level.
GJG Group has a strong work ethic and every single member of our team contributes to this.

From draftsmen and onsite crew, concreting and finishing to lifting / crane and patching, ours is a professional group who all work together to provide a great product and satisfied client.

Tilt- up panel construction is a proven, reliable, safe and cost effective way of building retail outlets, warehouses, commercial and industrial structures . allowing contractors to build a wide range of buildings that are designed individually to meet the needs of the client and the creativity of the designers.

Tilt panels are extremely durable, allow more land to be utilized , are fire resistant, easy to maintain, secure and are excellent for insulation of sound and temperature.

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Master Builder and a QBSA member
License number : 102406